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You’ve got problems, kid (2015)

You’ve got problems, kid by Homo Monstrous Recorded at Deerbutt Studios by Jaye Kovach except tracks 7 and 8 which were recorded live at Performatorium Festival of Queer Performance with additional recordings done at Deerbutt Studios. Mixed and Mastered by Jaye Kovach at SOIL Media Art & Technology. released 09 May 2015 Homo Monstrous is: […]

How fucking loud do I have to yell (2015)

How fucking loud do I have to yell is a necessary temper tantrum provoked by years of abuse, violence, erasure, and entitlement to our bodies/voices. It is a pathetically weak invocation towards an end that is never achievable – one in which transfeminine and intersex bodies are not treated as monstrous abominations, but as facets […]

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We Are Homo Monstrous

HOMO MONSTROUS are in the same glorious tradition running from the Velvet Underground to P4K 2013 hype act Savages: gently misanthropic art kids who’ve taken their wounds and scars and turned them into something raw and real and dark and immediately catchy. They bill themselves as “gender carnage” and it’s totally apt – on their […]