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New Album Coming Soon

We Are Homo Monstrous

HOMO MONSTROUS are in the same glorious tradition running from the Velvet Underground to P4K 2013 hype act Savages: gently misanthropic art kids who've taken their wounds and scars and turned them into something raw and real and dark and immediately catchy. They bill themselves as "gender carnage" and it's totally apt – on their debut EP, 'Nothing Without My Scars,' they screw Bush Tetras-esque skronk onto the head of a scrappy Cramps-shaped sledgehammer handle and knock down all kinds of walls." -- John Cameron
--- Sloppyfuckedup Gender-carnage Siq Queer Noise Punk Dysphoria Rock --- HOMO MONSTROUS is Jaye Kovach (She) and Leo Keiser (She/They). Website Bandcamp Soundcloud Twitter Facebook

Announcement: Holophon Mentorship Program for Emerging Audio Artists

I'm excited to announce that for the next 9 months I will be taking part in Holophon's Mentorship Program for Emerging Audio Artists. The program will consist a series of workshops, artist talks, and performance engagements lead by nationally recognized audio artists. Each participant will also be paired with a mentor who will offer them guidance in the creation of a new work that will be featured in a live performance at the conclusion of the program mid May. I will be posting project updates here as things develop.