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Mentorship Monthly Update (1)

This past week I attended two improvisation workshops with composer/trombonist Scott Thompson and dancer/choreographer/vocalist Susana Hood as well as their performance The Muted Note, a series of songs based on the poetry of P.K. Page. As I neglected to read the event description or do any research prior, the performance (although beautiful) wasn't quite what I was expecting; it's rare that I attend a concert in the "classical" sense and I often forget that I have a fairly significant history within that milieu. I started piano lessons when I was 4 or 5 years old and spent a lot of my teens practising and performing baroque, classical, and what was called "20th century" music, and taking exams through the Royal Conservatory. Yet when asked in the first workshop if I would consider myself a musician the most I could offer was a sort of wavy hand gesture. The workshops got me thinking a lot about how I write. My process is usually one of trying to tetris words into already existing accompaniment because this is what comes easiest to me - the sound part of things. I'm interested to know what would happen if I tried to do things backwards? I haven't really started making anything substantial yet - just playing around with some new pedals and working some kinks out of my effects chain - but I hope to have some things ready by mid-month. I'll be playing a set at the Creative City Centre for the first ever Killjoy Club along with Val Halla and spoken word artist Jessica Tran. Recordings to come!