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ES-tro-jen-z (2016)

ES-tro-jen-z by firestarter all tracks written and performed by Jaye Kovach except for: modular synth on track 1 by Ernie Dulanowsky (a.k.a. pulsewidth) back-up vocals on track 2 by Amber Goodwyn recorded, mixed and mastered by Jaye Kovach with editing on track 4 by Joseph Dunn. released April 23, 2016.

New Album Coming Soon

Mentorship Monthly Update (2 & 3 & 4 & 5)

So my original plan was that I’d post an update about the Holophon mentorship once a month but as usual my intentions ended up getting completely waylaid by seasonal depression and the fact that doing the work often feels more important to me than documenting it. So here is a quick overview of the last few months.

Mentorship Monthly Update (1)

This past week I attended two improvisation workshops with composer/trombonist Scott Thompson and dancer/choreographer/vocalist Susana Hood as well as their performance The Muted Note, a series of songs based on the poetry of P.K. Page. As I neglected to read the event description or do any research prior, the performance (although beautiful) wasn’t quite what I was […]


firestarter is the solo project of Jaye Kovach (Homo Monstrous.) — ♥shitty guitars//drum machines//weird vocals//bad covers of good pop songs♥ — firestarter is stuck somewhere between a soundscape and a pop song. Using drum machines, synthesizers, and an electric guitar plugged into a small army of effects pedals, she sculpts loop-based tracks that are as […]

Announcement: Holophon Mentorship Program for Emerging Audio Artists

I’m excited to announce that for the next 9 months I will be taking part in Holophon’s Mentorship Program for Emerging Audio Artists. The program will consist a series of workshops, artist talks, and performance engagements lead by nationally recognized audio artists. Each participant will also be paired with a mentor who will offer them guidance in […]